Monday, February 7, 2011

Tales from the Space Log

Toupee has always been a Sasquatch that needs a good tucking in at bed time. Good thing that this big foot has Lumber Jacques to tell him bedtime stories from his favorite childhood book, Space Log. Intergalactic adventures always help a big foot fall asleep.

Toys! Toys! Toys! Freelance!.....wait

Directly from the toy shelves and into my portfolio. Actually all of these toy illustrations were from when I applied for the freelance gig I got with Rehkemper I.D. These are toy brands they requested I submit. It was fun designing toys, and an interesting experience working with toy inventors. Can't show any of the work I did at their studio because its confidential. Seriously, they told me toy spies exist. Who knew?

Calling S.U.P.A. Toad, Lawn Mowzer is on the ATTACK!!

NEWS FLASH, Lawn Mowzer and his wacky side kick, Thing-a-ma-Jig, are wreaking havoc on a paper shredding rampage! (good thing this is html) S.U.P.A. Toad, we need you and merry mob of amphibians to launch a full on water balloon counter strike to halt this maniacally Mowzer and his weaponized counterpart.

The following address was only used to better introduce new artwork by Brendan Wilcox. No frogs, toads, or tadpoles were harmed to make this broadcast.

Cobra's Prom Night Crush gets publicity!

Hey everybody, Cobra's Prom Night Crush got seen all over the world last year in the International GI Joe Stop Motion Film Festival. Pat Kulas and I took first in the festival too, which was exciting. Any who, the festival gained some popularity and much appreciated publicity. My film got mentioned in a few articles and also was shown on a news broadcast on MTV Brazil. The segment features the festival and its creator Gio Toninelo. The links to the articles are below (if you want to check them out) as well the youtube link for the MTV clip. Only thing is, MTV Brazil broadcasts in Portuguese, so if anyone speaks that language let me know what they said. YO JOE!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Clickity, Clickity!

(To access this video use the password "bwpug")

This is my senior film from College for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI. It's about a Pug named Bellagio who loses his favorite chew toy in the middle of the night to a noisy thief. On his journey to uncover who has stolen Goozman, the abducted chew toy, Bellagio faces many obstacles that make his pursuit of the clickity kidnapper very interesting.

Demo Reel

Demo Reel 2010 of my animated work.

My Portfolio

When I have a crazy idea, I like to put it down on paper. Sometimes these wild ideas turn into characters like Corn Dog the Barbarian or Toupee the balding the Sasquatch. I really enjoy exploring character development and creating characters that are very thematic. This post is constantly updated with new work, so what what you see is the latest.